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SO KOKO | 5 Bait Luxury Designers You're Most Likely Going To See At The Burna Boy Concert | Featured Post

“One time for my naija that love designers // Clean every day, I know my 419-ers “
You will most definitely recognise that line if you are familiar with either Burnaboy or chipmunk.
This Saturday Burnaboy will be gracing the stage for the first time in the UK billed as the biggest afropop concert this year by the London promoter, CokobarHowever, I’m not penning this post today to talk about the talent or versatility of both artistes in question.  
This post has been inspired simply of the chipmunk line (“One time for my naija that love designers // Clean every day, I know my 419-ers “ ) which brings to mind the over saturation and display of some luxury designer brands you’re likely to come across at Burna Boy’s show. 
Nigerians have always been known to over and outdo each other when it comes to events or social gatherings that brings the whole society together home and abroad. Everyone tends to try and make a statement about their status even if it puts their account into minus. By all means necessary! 
 On the day of these type of events , I’d expect fans to attend dressed pretty casual in something like  a pair of jeans , dirty converse’s and a T-shirt.  Simply because you are going there to party like a rock star (Jumping, shouting , chanting, bouncing ) and most importantly consume the music and soak up the atmosphere.

But reverse is the case when it comes to my Naija events and concert. Na for show for show! Everyone must know I’m affiliated with Gucci even though there is no food in my fridge.

So, Let me make this clear before I move into the core of this post. This is not in any way judging a society or the people. I for one person have been guilty of this same thing a couple of times and still trying to find myself unlocked from the shackles of perception.  

There is nothing wrong with you rocking your expensive designer goods to look fly to the event as I own a few myself. Fashion, of course, is an outward expression of how we see ourselves, and perhaps more importantly, how we want others to see us. But I must confess, I find it hard to wear my designer shoes or products nowadays to these Naija events as it makes me look like the “typical naija yahoo boy or Peckham drug dealer”. It makes me feel like I’m trying to prove something which isn’t the reason why I patronise a luxury brand or designer. 

I still remember the first designer piece I ever owned. It was a pair of Gucci loafers I bought years ago to treat myself on my birthday which cost me about 35% of my monthly wage back then. At the time of purchase, I was convinced I absolutely needed one. But guess what?  It’s still in the box unworn till date. 

And the reason for stating all of the above is to make it clear I’m not trying to judge you because you wear designer or criticize you for splurging on expensive luxury goods.  However, you should really only be spending hundreds of pounds on any single item because you know it will last more than 10 washes, or 10 years.

However, like I said previously, the reverse is the case at these naija events. Of course we are in a very showy society nowadays which has been enhanced by the emergence of social media platforms like Instagram & SnapchatDon’t be a slave to labels and brand. The only reason you should be buying a product should only be because you like them instead of trying to impress people you don’t even like. 

And more importantly, let’s just hope oluwa-burna delivers and blow our minds. 
Below is a list of 6 bait luxury trainers you’ll come across on Saturday at burnaboy’s show : (I decided last minute that I won’t come for the ladies as I know you females can start getting all emotional on me for no reason, so let’s leave it to the bait luxury male items) lol.

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