Friday, 23 September 2016

SO KOKO | Amazing UK - African Weddings

Wedding Season has been real this year; we’re talking week after week. SO KOKO loves all the UK / African weddings that have taken place recently. So we thought, why not post some amazing weddings here. Some are new, some are old but all are LIT AS HELL!

It’s Friday night, there’s no turn up or maybe you and bae are chilling and thinking to Netflix and chill? NO!  You need to SO KOKO and CHILLLLLLLLLL!!! Kick back relax and check out these awesome weddings that took place in the UK.  Enjoy!!

Ayoluvmi and Ope - Nigerian Wedding

Mimi and Nana – Ghanaian Traditional Wedding 

Gabes and Anna  - Wedding Entrance

Gabes and Anna - Why the groom was crying

Karl and Cassandra – Ghanaian & Jamaican - #Lokkedin #Lokked2016

Karl and Cassandra – All about the Wedding - #Lokkedin #Lokked2016

Richard and Philippa – Ghanaian Wedding

Emmanuel and Ebiswodei  -  #teamswoduel

Emmanuel and Ebiswodei – How We Met #teamswoduel 

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