Thursday, 1 September 2016

SO KOKO Life Topics | Back to School : What Did We Really Learn?

It's the start of September and it's a Thursday, which means it's time for a possible
#Throwback, a SO KOKO Life Topic and for some of you it's back to the school routine on Monday. With all of that in the mix, it's time to revisit secondary school education in the UK and find out what we actually learnt.

For me, after 5 years of French, I can only count to a hundred, 'Danke' is the only German I remember, my grammar is poor, I can only do Maths with a calculator and everything else -including all those previously mentioned - are answered by Google. Hey, don't judge me! I have a good job and I did get 10 A*s - C, by the way. Besides, even auto correct needs to be corrected from time to time (Am I right or am I right?).

We all did coursework, revised and sat for exams like our whole lives depended on it - in my household your whole life actually did depend on it, well at least if you wanted to live bruise-free sha - but as we reflect on school, I've discovered 5 underlining life lessons, not found on the curriculum, that school prepares you for:

1. R.A.P (Responsibility, Accountability and Punctuality)

Do you ever wake up at 6 am to get ready for work, eyes stinging and just think how did I manage to do this for 5 years?

All those detentions you raked up for getting in at 9 instead of 8:45, 9:15 instead of 9 etc. served a purpose in making you accountable and responsible for your time. When the bus was late, who was in detention, you or the bus driver? There are consequences to us being late. In working life, poor punctuality leads to getting sacked, even as an entrepreneur, if a consumer or client has to continuously wait on your presence, your product or your service, it's a only a matter of time before they look elsewhere. 

2. Time Management

You have a report due a week from today, when do you start? In fact, don't even answer.

Because there's the right answer and then there's the aka "weting concern you" answer.  I get it.  After all, they do say pressure makes the diamond, honey! Plus sometimes that overnight work is your best work. I say that because in life you don't always get a week, you might have an hour or you might have 3 months. So whether you're the guy who starts and finishes in one day and rests for the rest, the one who does bit by bit each day or maybe you're the one who finishes 3 minutes before the deadline, the point is, it's the habit you develop during school that informs how you face today's deadlines and challenges. 

3. Have an Informed Opinion

Using evidence from the text ...(10 marks). Show your working out (6 marks).

When you want to confront a suspected cheat or a liar, you dont go in without evidence-even if you can't show your exact working out (Team pree, wassup!). You see, all those boring practice questions have aided our arguments, thank you Miss Lucas!

4.  Stress Management: An Introduction

Let's revisit point 2's example for this one. Accepting the risk of letting the pressure mount does not always give you a reward. 

Take your mind back to university (shudders). All you have to say is disso, you don't even have to say the full DISSERTATION to really shake someone up- the energy drinks, the migraines.. So Yes, you deliver, but how do you deliver? 
How long does it take for you to buckle down and focus? Are you walking to hand in that paper or are you running, clenching your chest struggling to remember what the course is self.  It should not take high blood pressure and hives for you to get the job done. But sometimes that's because it's not the only job we're doing.Vomiting today, fainting tomorrow, the thought of failing can be crippling. It crippled some of us then and it can cripple some of us now. We'll let you pick when we take a closer look into 'stress',  because even back in school, it was about finding that balance and learning what to leave at the school gates - You're suppose to be calculating numbers, but you're calculating beats, money pressure at home is on your head, yesterday's arguments are in your ear, you need to wash plates and pick your younger ones from after school club but you have a date with your MSN messenger boyfriend at 5pm. Now, breathe...exhales

5.Social Skills

That was a heavy one, so we'll keep this one light. In school, where were you on the food chain?

Because we're not gonna pretend secondary school wasn't a jungle. In my school, it was eat or be eaten sha. And if you're in school, we're not gonna pretend the high-flying city life isn't a jungle either - in fact just do a refix to the hook in New York - JayZ and Alicia Keys because it can really be  a 'concrete jungle where dreams are crumbled, but what do you wan' do?'.

The good news is that for the late bloomers, there's hope. In most cases the 'forgotten' ones become the 'unforgettables' and the 'fresh daisies' get picked a few times, so no one's watching them lately and no one's giving them any time LOL. However,the bad news is exercises like working in a group,working in pairs and presentations don't go away, they increase. Playground politics and office politics remain relatively the same, there will be gossip, there will be people taking credit for your work and there will definitely be people with selective amnesia when it comes to a conversation you've had (so always keep a paper trail). 

So you got to the end, at least school has helped you to stay focused sha. There are so many more lessons from school that we don't initially give the institution credit for but hindsight reminds us of. Let us know you thoughts, your lessons and your school memories in the comment section and if you are back to some form of education this September, best wishes to you!

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