Thursday, 29 September 2016

SO KOKO Life Topics| Cutting the Cord

Starting with your Mum.

Or Dad, respectively. This week's Life Topic Konvo is about cutting the cord. Now this is why we must read. This post is not about cutting anyone's Mum or Dad please I beg. Don't say SO KOKO said I should cut you off or I'm cutting the cord on my contribution to the house because SO KOKO said..
What contributions are you even making? To your home and to your future?
Some of us, behave and reason as though we're still hanging from an umbilical cord - At this big age! There comes a time in your life when you need to stop looking to your mum (parents) to eat, in both the literal and urban sense.

No matter where you are in your life : starting uni, reaching the middle of your 20's or saying goodbye to your 20's altogether, it's important to cut the cord of dependency but still be open to support.

There's a difference between support and dependency, one aids and one is reliant. Have help but learn to help yourself. While your expenses are low, save. Set up a standing order straight to your savings and leave it untouched.  Be proactive while you are at home. Even a child in the womb is not stagnant, they grow, they move, they kick! Before you take a withdrawal from Bank parents, ask yourself, if I had a family depending on me, how would I do this?

How are you growing at home? What moves are you making for your future?What childish habits/mindsets do you need to kick?

You don't need to live outside your parents house to start living outside of their pocket. While whatever support system you have, (parents, guardians, friends etc.) provide a nice safety mat, some of us become comfortable, complacent and would rather just lay on top of that safety mat instead of doing what we intended to do, which is to leap into adulthood. With 9 months of growth in the womb, it's only when the umbilical cord is cut, that a child breathes on their own.

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