Thursday, 15 September 2016

SO KOKO Life Topics | Why Can't We Just Read?

Or would you like more pictures?

It's Thursday which means it's time for another dose of  Life Topics! As always, let's talk. In fact, let's read!

We're all guilty of "reading" the Terms and Conditions by scrolling straight to the bottom, ticking the box and accepting whatever mumbo-jumbo-peeping-tom clauses they've laid out. Who has the time , right? We all do it.

What is alarming though, is the 'need' to make everything short and visual. Make that video no more than 3 minutes. Can you get it down to 30 seconds? Perfect. You know what let's just have the same image flash for 3 seconds. Highlights done!

Everyone wants less words and more pictures. We look at articles, blogposts, books and one of the deciding factors for us to 'read' on, or read at all, is whether there are images or not.

So nice big pretty pictures, primary colours that would draw your attention, there can be a few words but nothing too detailed, just something that states the obvious. - Congratulations, you're between the ages of 0-5 years old!

Image result for green eggs and ham

We don't read, we look. Just like we don't listen to hear and understand, but to respond. 

Countless people will just about read a caption and will still complain about the length and the content. Why are they being extra? What's with all the quotes who broke you heart?
But I do have to chime in on this one : 'No Caption' is still a Caption. Just had to throw that out there.

Some of us are masking our literacy struggles with 'time'. Time has no factor in this. You either want to, don't, or don't know how. Some of us just do not have the attention span to follow one word after the other. Even at school, there was a 'time' to read, in exams you were told to skim-read and then give evidence from the text. These bad habits marred with the other half of our education being in front of the telly have developed over time and are so deeply rooted, that most of us can not elicit basic information without tripping over our words.

 We are not confident reading publicly or are only fluent readers until we read aloud.

For those who do struggle, as sensitive as it may be, there is help available, but just practice. Read SO KOKO! *Shameless plug* lol No seriously, read SO KOKO -

For most of us, English is our first language, we don't have the same language barriers our parents have - where they pronounce night vigil as night viggy - if we don't improve our own literacy what catastrophic blunders will we pass on to our children? And with what excuse?

Read a book, read anything, let's make reading a habit. Just don't skim, read the whole thing.

As we live in a whats-in-it-for-me world, here's some of the benefits of reading:

  • Knowledge - They can take your car, your girl but knowledge can't be taken from you. Stay informed, you never know what will come in handy
  • Vocabulary Expansion - Some of you don't shout in the office because you don't want your vocabulary to spoil business (check yourself)
  • Food - A study conducted has proven that reading can fill your be-Sike! Just checking you were reading
  • Escapism - Sometimes get lost in a book. Get Lost in SO KOKO! Fictional books, for example, can offer a break from the outside noise. Not everyday girl's holidays. Sometimes a book can relax you, provide calm. Some do Yoga, for the less flexible, read -in any position you want
  • Sex - Reading with your legs open can incre -See yourself, dirty people it's 7pm no chill
  • Improves Concentration - CON-CEN-TRATION (Remember that game? See just like that you're already distracted. Oya come back to us ) with one eye on twitter, another on the TV, friend on loudspeaker while you straighten your hair and listen to music. At one point one of these activities is going to suffer. Your friend tells your something crazy, you end up burning your hand on the straighteners - Hello Stress! Read a story and your concentration is focused.
  • Porn - Written porn and- I'm not even gonna form story, tut tut, fell for it again? CONCENTRATION! Bet you just opened the post now, scrolled to porn, and dont know what im talking about it. tut tut
  • Analytical Thinking - Spying on people on Instagram and Snapchat is not the only tool to develop your analytical skills. You read a book, an article, a blog, an advert on the train , you begin to note people's style. How do they convey their ideas? What does it say about them? This in turn will shape how you convey your own and what your ideas say about you.

This was going to be a two-line post, you know for effect, but then I thought, there is no time like the present to get everyone reading again - Practice makes Perfect!

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