Thursday, 22 September 2016

SO KOKO Life Topics | Why 'UK Afrobeats' needs to be dropped...for good!

It's dead.
Yes, I said it. Go ahead and make noise, it IS dead! And by dead, I'm referring to the term, "UK Afrobeats". Critics, you thought I was laughing with you.  Artists, you thought I was laughing at you. No, what this post is about, is agreeing with you.

Most artists disapprove of the term 'UK Afrobeats', and rightly so. This 'UK Afrobeats' term is one of dismissal- forever 'emerging'. When an artist progresses, we call them Afrobeats artists, otherwise they're UK and we make that very clear, as if to spare them. We need to stop using 'U.K.' as a prefix, to excuse standards.

Afrobeats is Afrobeats. You're either giving us the same product, just made somewhere else, or you're giving us something else entirely. So artists define where you fit and let's drop 'UK Afrobeats' in a black bag, tie it up and throw it out, we don't want it.

That's one way to filter down, but another reason why we need to drop the term, a reason why a lot of you clicked, is because as consumers, there's a landfill of music labelled  'UK Afrobeats' that neither Afrobeats or the UK can take pride in or identity with.

Do you know how many 'UK Afrobeats is dead/ a joke' tweets I've seen on Twitter FROM THE UK! Even Jesus said a prophet has no honor in his own country. Let's be honest you hear 'UK Afrobeats' and the excitement drops. Why? because the connotations are 'poor quality', 'amateur' and 'unauthentic'.

And it's an industry thing...there are no standards in place. No one is going take this scene seriously until there's some quality assurance and that will only happen when the decision-makers are the ones who govern by expertise, rather than age. Artists take pride in yourself, stop accepting being 'given' a platform, when you're the voice!

This a new school era and there are some decent acts on this side of the pond who deserve to be recognised, but you can't put clean water in a dirty cup and expect people to drink it.

We need a massive clean up. Let's start with the name and let the old practices die with it because when something is dead, you can't leave it to linger and then complain about the smell.


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    1. Thank you Tosin Onatade, we appreciate your feedback.

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  3. Flipping loved reading this. Excellent. I'm with it #NoToUKAfrobeats #YesToAfrobeats

    1. Thank you Mr Kookies and we're glad you agree!

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  5. I believe that the use of such a term is very bad effect on the development of contemporary art.

  6. Wonderful post. You very clearly and concisely describe the problem. And it can be said the first step to solving it.