Tuesday, 20 September 2016

SO KOKO | Style Corner | Mama's Boutique

This week’s Style Corner is specifically for the ladies (sorry lads) Actually, Men!! If you see anything you’d like your lady in, by all means show her this post!  
Mama’s Boutique is SO KOKO’s Style Corner this week. The brand was started by four sisters, who started designing clothes as a result of them not being able to find clothes in store. SO KOKO have seen the brand all over social media (Instagram was a Major Key in the brand becoming successful) and all we can say is Mama's Boutique are chic, fashion forward and know exactly what they want! 

What SO KOKO loves about Mama’s Boutique (alongside their gorgeous clothing) is the brands overall look. Mama’s Boutique is visually appealing from merchandise right through to their campaigns.

Mama's Boutique see themselves as not only a brand but also as a movement. Their purpose is to inspire women to find empowerment through fashion.

A Lady in Mama's Boutique is self-empowered, confident and ready to conquer the world. 

Take a look at some pieces below including some of SO KOKO’s favourite pieces.

Vida Dress - The dress speaks for itself! YES! 

The Mixed Mesh Dress - Who doesn't love a LBD

The So Serene Dress (currently on sale by the way get your bargain!) 

SO KOKO's Mama's Boutique Favourite's
 The Deja Vu Dress | SO KOKO don't even have to talk to much on this one. In the words of Abra Cadabra MAD MAD MAD MAD!!

The Origami Jumpsuit | This will have everybody in the party knowing you are really that chic!

The Volt Jumpsuit | Can you say Gold and Beautiful

If you end up wearing any of these looks please do tag us on instagram @so.koko or twitter @sokokoblog. Also hashtag #sokokostyle on instagram so we can check you out and repost !!! Have a fabulous weekend!!

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