Sunday, 2 October 2016

SO KOKO | Song of the Week | Burna Boy - Fa So La Ti Do

...Play No F***ing Games Right Now.... No, really that's how it starts. 
We're kicking October off with a song from Burna Boy's latest EP, Redemption

Anyone who has ever had a singing lesson or just simply watched the classic, Sound of Music, will be familiar with 'Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do.  So what crosses your mind, when this week's SO KOKO 
#SongOfTheWeek is Fa So La Ti Do by Burna Boy?
Well, find out below. Burna Boy reunites with talented producer LeriQ, to the joy of many, for Fa So La Ti Do and the rest of the EP to channel a cool 90s theme.

 It's something new and different from the 'Nigerian Dancehall' sound we usually affiliate with him. But different is good, sometimes. While it may not be for everyone, there's no denying his talent and versatility.  It's funny how something new offers so much nostalgia

Listen here to the snippet:

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