Sunday, 23 October 2016

SO KOKO | Song of The Week | Phyno - Pino Pino

Have you planned your wedding yet?
It's cuffing season, it's cold outside, we don't want to be on roads no more... This week's
#SongOfTheWeek will have you feeling cozy. Pino Pino is a dream.

You better find someone to hold because if you didn't want anyone before, Pino Pino is bound to make you warm up to the idea of settling down, however far or near you are.

Of course it's none other than Phyno (Fada Fada, Alobam), taking us back with this sweet melody produced by Benjamz. This is a sound that will continue to stand the test of time. The production gives you nostalgia of old school love, not today's on today off tomorrow flings, but real love- the type built to last.

Phyno's built to last. Showing once again, his versatility and unapologetic authenticity, Phyno says all the right things in this latest release. Here's Phyno like we've never seen him before, the fan favourite goes all romantic on us and it suits him.

Not one to shy away from his native tongue, Phyno combines English and Igbo to serenade us with this beautiful love song.

Listen to Pino Pino take it's rightful place in our October Playlist. Released on his birthday, we thought we'd treat you to the video too:

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