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SO KOKO | 8 Signs You're In A Situationship | Featured Post

Is your bae really your bae? .. come and read girl.

Is your bae only bae under certain strict terms and conditions? Do you find yourself toying over the horrific 'so what are we?' question in your head every time he does something that crosses the bae line and has you thinking more 'husband to be' when you scroll down and see his whatsapp pic?

Well you've established it isn't a relationship, so honey you might have a situationship on your hands; 
I've compiled a cute little list to help out thy fellow sister on how to call a tomato a tomato in times when that tomato is looking more like a luxurious strawberry - or something along those lines. 

Ok so first; lets start with... ‘What exactly is a situationship?'
A situationship is basically a pseudo-relationship. A placebo masking itself as a formative relationship. It smells like a relationship, it looks like a relationship, and it may even feel like one, but it's not. (via google)

And now to the fun stuff, the clues on just how to decipher if you are in a real life situationship.

1. You have no long term goals together
No plans to travel the world, move in together, have kids or even get married. 
Living for the moment is cute, trust me it is. But a journey with no destination? I'll pass Thank you.

2. You’re not familiar with his family or close friends
If you’re important to him, it only makes sense you know the other important people in his life too. 
If he has no real urge to arrange this, ask yourself why.

3. You don't really know much about each other, Except that you both have a healthy appetite for uncommitted sex
You haven't taken time out to find out the depth of his character, and he hasn't made an effort to find out yours.

4. He doesn't address you as his woman, this ones self explanatory
 If he doesn't refer to you as his girlfriend or woman, I'm pretty sure you aren’t.

5. Dates are a hassle; any time spent out of the bedroom is either 'too expensive' or a 'waste of time'
This one is pretty self explanatory. It's not everyday NETFLIX AND CHILL - sometimes date night. Why is he hiding you? 

6. If the conversation isn't sex, there’s no conversation
Ladies, you know those fuck boys who don't know how to formulate conversation unless it has to do with sex? Said fuck boy shouldn't possess the attributes of the person you are trying to date. 

Having a high sex drive is perfectly fine and healthy, being unable to communicate about anything other than sex veers towards the slightly unhealthy side let me not lie to you; if his only conversation with you is 'sex' then baby girl, he's just letting you know what he wants; no beating around the bush or possibly beating around your - Nevermind. 

7. He doesn't show you off, in fact no one knows you exist
Men are possessive by nature, (no not possessive like your crazy ex) but a cute possessive, as in; she's mine and I want every man to know of it. 

If your 'man' doesn't care to show that your his, as he is yours. He's probably single - sorry. 

8. He doesn't care about your happiness
This one I think is a huge clue, if you’re in a committed relationship your partner is meant to care about you enough to make you happy.

Having a smile on your face should be your partners main goal, the second the opposing party is only focused on their own happiness with no regards to how situations, or words make you feel it shows they don't value you. 

Very harsh but very true, if only one party is happy or gaining in your 'relationship' you probably  walked yourself blindly into a 'situationship'; not to worry... the door is still open for you to walk right back out if it isn't what you wanted from the jump.

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  2. Hahaha no.6 is the one that I absolutely despise of. Great post (y)

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