Saturday, 19 November 2016

SO KOKO Koverage | BkChat LDN Red Carpet Premiere

Cheating, Plastic Surgery and a whole lot of emotion. It all went down at the BkChatLdn Premiere.

BkChatLdn is a new online series by Creator Andy Amadi. The series covers common topics discussed within our generation - but with a twist. A group of men and women sit down to debate and we really get to see the difference of opinion between the two sexes.

The Premiere took place on Thursday, 3 November 2016 at Premiere Cinemas, Romford. Gowns and suits filled the cinema as many came out to support the new series.

The premiere was hosted by the elegant Misi Africa @misiafrica who kept the crowd engaged through out the night.The crowd was in hysterics and constant debate after watching the first few clips.

There was laughter, side eyes and shade throughout. Nevertheless, the premiere was a success. Congratulations to the BkChat Ldn team from SO KOKO!

Check SO KOKO's Koverage photos below along with Episode 1!

BkChat LDN Creator Andy Amadi

BkChatLdn Episode 1 - He Broke Up With Me At A Bus Stop!


  1. I'm not against plastic surgery when it helps a person to find the spiritual and emotional balance.

  2. I've been to every larger venue in the town and this is one of the best. Their menu is small but at least they seem to do what they have on it well. The LA venues have a variety of salads and sandwiches, and a fresh daily soup.