Thursday, 3 November 2016

SO KOKO Life Topics | Burn That Bridge

Do you need matches? SO KOKO's got you Kovered...

They Say: "Don't burn a bridge, you might need to cross it again"

Some of the bridges you're holding onto are rusty, dusty, crusty and no longer serving their purpose - so light it up before it brings you down.

This week's Life Topic is about redefining that popular saying, many love to quote, particularly in the areas of friendships and 'networks'.

SCENARIO 1 : You need a favour from a 'friend' or a situation arises where you know the 'perfect person', but your communication with that person is far from perfect? 
SCENARIO 2 : You're the person of interest, and you get that random snap. They keep liking your pics on Instagram, leaving comments like: 'ooo girl you keep slaying' 'My G', 'My Broda Dat'...then BAM, after all their  nonsense  small talk,  they ask you for that favour. (Note once that favour's done..*poof* gone again)
Where were you before? You were really doing big boy, big girl before, now you, heavy weight champion, want to bring yourself on this teeny weeny bridge, because you're not feeling so large and in charge any more?

Whether it's a friendship or a network, all links require maintenance. Try travelling on TFL on a weekend without any interruptions. You're blessed beyond measure if you've never had your plans altered because of  'planned engineer works' or being stuck in traffic because there's roadworks of some sort.

You want to keep that bridge?
 Maintain it, regularly -Not just when you need something.

You're claiming a bridge that leads no where..
 Burn it. Let it Go and/or Build something New.

Anger can be your gasoline.. 
Sometimes you need to burn a bridge out of anger. If the connection is really there, you will build a new (sturdy) link between yourselves - you can even make it fireproof. 

If you have a one way system 
 Burn the damn bridge. It's two-way or No way. They can fly over, swim over, crawl over if they need you.

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