Thursday, 17 November 2016


Should we really have to ask?
Why does 'gist' come freely, even motives, but when it comes to supporting your friends it's by force! We're going to assume our readers are different - You're the ones always on the receiving end. You actively support all your friends but when it comes to you.... 99% of time they're like:

So are they a FRIEND, FAN or FOE?

Here are few things to consider:


Will They Let you Down Again?

1.   Your expectations are way too high, you need to:

A friend should 100% share your stuff but...

The expectation is that they have to like it! And that's not always the case.  Being a friend of yours doesn't automatically make me a fan of what you do. Howwwwww-ever, it does mean you should acknowledge what I do. 

2. You're somebody , now what?

A friend should be able to tell you what's good...or not

Congrats on your success and all but you being somebody don't make me a nobody- I've got my own stuff.  Your friend may be of fan of what you do but they're not just a fan of your attitude. No one's telling you not to aim high, but when you're heads are in the clouds, your friends should really be able to bring you down to earth. Not everybody's got a be a hater to have an opinion.

3. I'm not on your payroll so...

 A friend should support their friend but guess what?  that friend should show gratitude. 

 Don't expect your friend to post every EP cover, pay entrance for every show, dedicate every other snap to your stuff and you don't show appreciation. Activate that gratitude or that support will get deactivated real quick. If i'm your personal promoter, if you aren't paying me, at least pay me kind. Support my Support


 Fans are Cool...

4.  A fan is a 'beg' but you're here begging 'friends'...I know what'll rather

Having admiration and someone enthusiastic about what you do? Major Key Alert

So why do we look at it like it's a bad thing? It's only bad when it's close to home, because you're really having comment wars under your favourite celebrity three times awake. Maybe BeyoncĂ© is paying your school fees? A friend will do the 'task' of  sharing a link but did they even watch? A fan does both freely


Now Check That!

5. And You know deep down and one day it's going to hit you in the face like:

You think companion, but they see competition.

 Note the friend that hears alot but doesn't say much. Most times they're noting your next move waiting for you to fall and they're walk of you. You're useful...for now anyway

6. They're just not happy

 It's not you, it's them

Sometimes they have foe like behaviours but the issue isn't really with you, seeing you do what you do just reminds them that they're not.

We all want to win at this thing called Life. But note we're all going to win differently - at different things and different times. Your friend's success doesn't dampen yours. Not all your friends are going to be fan over what you do, but they need to be a fan of you. 


  1. Love this post. Throughout my teens and coming into my 20's I've been fortunate enough to have these experiences of finding who was a "friend or foe" and having that balance of a support system.


    1. thank you The Kendro Show! It's so important! glad you liked it!