Thursday, 10 November 2016

SO KOKO Life Topics | Name Your Price

Don't you like getting money?
For many creatives, the topic of payment comes with its fair share of aggro and uncertainty. Some don't know what/how to charge and others have to accept whatever scraps they can get -if they get any at all.
With no exaggeration, this week's  Life Topic is about encouraging you to voice your worth and name your price.
Here are a few common mistakes made, particularly with start-ups:

"I'll start off free and then introduce a charge"
I get this way of thinking. You've just started, you need to build a name for yourself. How can you ask for payment, when no one knows you. But do you know yourself? How much time/resources would you have to put in? Because whether as a service or product provider, there are always costs. You need to distinguish between labour costs and the price of brand. You may not start off as a big brand but you can't start without becoming a labourer. You don't get time back, so make it worthwhile. At the very basic, you must charge for travel.

Lastly, many of you set off with this way of thinking, but you remain there.Why should I buy the cow, when the milk's been going for free.? 

The overused 'platform'
For our loyal readers, if you trace back to our why UK afrobeats needs to be dropped post, you will know how much I detest this 'platform' notion. Artists fall for it, Photographers and Videographers are subjected to it alot. I'm going to ask you again, do you know yourself? You cannot afford to keep on buying into the bullcrap alot of promoters keep selling you, when you keep allowing yourself to be a freebie. If there is not a monetary return for your service/product, you're a volunteer. It's ok to volunteer but just note that's what you're doing. Don't play yourself, don't fool yourself, you need a return on your invested time, effort and energy - will it build your reputation? will it expand your clientele? Do a cost/ benefits analysis, but note, it's down to you to have those benefits realised.

Too many interactions not enough transactions
We're going to cover this last one more in depth in another post but, some of you have a problem separating your friendships from your finances. And for heavens sake, stop doing verbal deals without leaving a paper trail! You noticed all the 'he said, she said' only occurs when YOU need to get paid? 

We all like a freebie, I guess that's why it seems hypocritical to now ask for payment when a lot of  us opt to finesse ourselves through life. Some of you are not naming your price because you still not sure you're worth anything yet and that's a real shame. Some of you are not naming your price because you're still being paid ( 9-5, parents etc) but for how long?

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