Friday, 4 November 2016

SO KOKO | My Country Malawi | Featured Post

My country is truly the beautiful kept secret of the African continent.

Hello, I am Lynn and I am from Malawi, a landlocked country which is situated in southeastern Africa near Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique. Malawi is a small country with a population of 17 million, 9 ethnic group, beautiful beach shores and green woods.

 Since most people don't know about Malawi, I want to give a message on Malawi and its culture.

The Malawi Experience

I will begin with my most recent experience. Two months ago, I returned to Malawi after 6 years.  I was a modern day backpacker - In three weeks I had travelled to the North, Central & South of Malawi. My time there felt short and I did not want it to come to an end,  but I guess that's what Malawi does to those that come.
My country is more than a vacation, the people and the colours will stick with you.

I hiked part of Mount Mulanje which is the 3rd highest in Africa. I visited the 2 national parks & found myself at the lake on numerous occasions.The jewel in the crown of the country's tourist attractions is Lake Malawi. For every visit or holiday, long or short, the Lake is a must. The vibes that the Lake transcends are truly remarkable, beautiful moments worth capturing. “Discovered” by the missionary-explorer Dr David Livingstone,  it holds an annual music international festival called 'Lake Of Stars'.

Just imagine, attending full moon parties and listening to the ‘sea-like’ waves roll in, island hopping around Cape Maclear or going cliff jumping on the northern rocky coastline.

The food in Malawi is always flowing at the dinner tables, the staple Malawian food is what I live for and believe me, I made the most of my trip having a local dish at any chance given. Malawi is crowned for partying like there's no tomorrow. I'm a central region girl, but I must say I had the best nightlife experience in the southern region commercial city, Blantyre. Malawians do know how to have a good time and enjoy, even Nigerian artist, Davido testifies to that in his song 'One Of A Kind'.

Malawi is a country that unveils all that you knew and changes your perspective on life through amazing adventures. It allows you to get off the beaten path, to explore, reflect and dream about the possibilities powered by your heart. I must say if there's anyone out there who gets the opportunity to visit Malawi, take it!