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My Country Malawi Continued...

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The Malawi Economy

Malawi's Economy basis is pretty much agriculture. However, Malawi's mostly grown are cash crops such as tobacco, sugarcane, cotton, and tea, By the way Malawi was the First country in Africa to grow tea on a commercial scale. Unfortunately these provide no economic stability for my country and as a result almost half the country is considered to be below the poverty line, which mean less than 50% of the country lives on less than £1 a day.

My country is one of the poorest countries in Africa. It's riddled with problems such as Government corruption, high infant mortality rate, low life expectancy and economic dependency on aid relief.

Education is dire and is in need of improvement. The average kids are in education for almost 9 years. Believe me, most kids in Malawi do not have the luxury of attending school. A high percentage of them happen to be our young girls - death of their parents, early age marriage, pregnancy and the struggle to raise their young siblings. It’s a harsh reality, that this is the world that many of these kids live in.

Our country Malawi is known as The Warm Heart Of Africa, because of the warmth and friendliness of the people. Despite the poor economy, Malawi is rich not only its attractions moreover the attraction of its people. Though the gap between the poor and the rich continues to widen, the poor push through in good spirit, never giving up.
The heart of Malawi remains in its people.

Zikomo (Thank You)

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