Sunday, 6 November 2016

SO KOKO | Song of The Week | NSG - Referee

The People's Choice...
 NSG released their LP Grown UP this week and it's LIT! 

We asked you on Twitter to help us decide between 4 tracks that we couldn't help repeat and Referee was the clear winner! 
NSG are a multi-genre UK based group. It's easy to get confused and lost when you cover different genres but with NSG (which stands for Never Stop Grinding and New Sound Group) they're not only clear on who they are, they stand firm with it. They remain relevant, consistent and just refreshing.

To be fair, we could take a song from this LP as song of the week for every week and our playlist will still offer variety, quality, creativity and uniqueness. SO KOKO Kongrats to them, NSG are
#GrownUP and we wish them continuous growth in their career.

Every choice was going to be a good choice, but there's something about Referee. Listen below and you''ll agree:

They've already dropped a video for Referee (told you they're consistent) along with their bonus track Pick Up the Phone. The Video for Eyelash is also expected soon. Enjoy below:

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