Tuesday, 29 November 2016

SO KOKO | Style Corner | Benjart

This weeks Style Corner is Benjart

Benjart is a brand with local roots, European manufacturing and global appeal.

Featuring a design philosophy that marries the heritage streetwear culture of Britain with high quality European fabrics, the brand has evolved into more than just a clothing label. Focused on intricacy and detailing, Benjart seek to provide a garment that is not only aesthetically striking but one of supreme comfort as well.

Benjart aims to provide classic quality streetwear.  Items are never mass-produced to help portray the time, desire and craftsmanship that has been pored into each garment. All collections are released in limited numbers, which adds to the exclusive and select nature of owning a Benjart product. 

Check their pieces below along with SO KOKO's favourite pieces.

SO KOKO's Favourite Pieces

HRH Benjart Slide Slippers Black

 HrH Benjart Mesh Trucker Cap (Various Colours)

Benjart Autograph Sweatshirt - Off White

Benjart Autograph Sweatshirt - Off White

If you end up wearing any of these looks please do tag us on instagram @so.koko or twitter @sokokoblog. Also hashtag #sokokostyle on instagram so we can check you out and repost !!! Have a fabulous weekend!!

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