Thursday, 29 December 2016

SO KOKO Life Topics | 5 Things You Should Have in 2017

New Year, New Me, New Things...Here's 5 things that could make life easier...

We don't know exactly what 2017 has to offer, we just have our ideals and our plans however detailed or vague. SO KOKO may not have the answers to what awaits us, but we can offer 5 things to help you prepare:


It's easy to feel weighed down, not exactly "blessed" We're often too busy chasing the "big" things, that we overlook the "small" things - like water, electricity, good health, food, LIFE ITSELF! 

You don't have to be "religious" to count your blessings.When something good happens, a breakthrough write it on a piece of paper, fold it and place it in an inexpensive jar. Start with the supposed "basics" - you woke up today etc. We tend to ponder on the negatives and not give the positives much thought.Whenever you feel down, need encouragement, take one out and remind yourself . It might be at the end of the year, you read them all, it will help you have a more positive outlook on life and yourself.

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If you don't want to count your blessing, we're sure you'll at least like to count some money!

Banks are great, savings, ISAs etc. While a good old tin may not offer you interest, you'd be interested to know how much you could save with one of these bad boys! We know what you're thinking, the day you come up short, you're going to break it open. It will take some discipline but if you separate your change like this £1+ in the tin jar (We recommend coins only, notes could be too tempting) 5p-£1 - spend when you come up short. Anything less than 5p, save too - all you copper snobs can at least use them for bags.

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Well they start in the mind, but there may also be a lot of things fighting to take center stage in the brain area, so drawing things out in front might be a better way to visualize and organize

- even practice your handwriting ( don't act like it wasn't a big deal in school). The good thing about a whiteboard is you can rub things out, start again without leaving a mess - we don't quite have the same luxury in life. Expand on Ideas, improve on them, breakdown your goals into weekly aims, daily tasks, write a quote - whatever can make your days easier.

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Unlike the White Board idea, A Vision board has a "top-down" approach. What do you see for yourself?

There's no right or wrong way to create a vision board - it's unique to you. You might not have worked out the logistics of getting the private jet yet, the Oprah or Dangote status or whatever the dream may be for you but it may help seeing it everyday until you see them one day! You've heard of the laws of attractions. Where you want to be, who you want to be and even what you want to be. Cut out buzz words from magazines - happy, success, healthy, print saved images and if you never really had the whole Art Attack thing down - you can always create one digitally

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If you buy all the above and don't stick to them or maybe they just remain on your yet to do list this time next year (seriously?), be sure to do this one - Quiet time.

 A time to be still, talk to yourself and hear back from yourself (without sounding weird). We're often scrabbling around running after things, Just relax from the activities of the day, regroup and re-energize. Try 10-30 minutes a day, an hour or two if you can - Take a paper and pen, ideas may come to you. Walk, Read, Sit Upright in Bed and be quiet. Many ideas are conceived in quiet time, your mind is deviled of the noise, you concentrate on here and now and things to come.



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