Thursday, 8 December 2016

SO KOKO Life Topics | Why Are You In Such A Hurry?

You just want to Usain Bolt your way through life.... and that's not how it works

This week's #LifeTopic is for you Speedy Gonzalez, Why are you in such a hurry?  It's time to self-assess some of your life "goals" and general choices - Because nothing can make you burn out more than unnecessary/unreasonable expectations.

 Go ahead and jump from A-Z . You can't go from 0-100 without considering the 1-99 in between.
What are you factoring in? Your age? gender? The way he did it? she did it? It's always a good time, according to who? If there's one thing 2016 has taught us thus far, our expectations and our reality are not always one and the same. So pace yourself,  things can change at the drop of a hat.


If you live in the UK, London particularly, or even if you've just visited once, one thing TFL (Transport for London) will tell you is that you have to be in a hurry! 

OK, you just finished uni, when are you starting your Masters? Where's your job? You still live at home? Where is your car? Where's your boyfriend? When is he marrying you? You don't have a baby in your first year of marriage? Is he impotent? 

There's a grand list of what you're suppose to do, what you're suppose to have and when you're suppose to have it-  And we need someone to kindly find it and burn it! Keeping with times, No one has time to hear " I was going to,it's do it or someone else. 


With the rise of social media as a platform and the 'public figures' that have come with it, it's a quicker way to get yourself recognised and heard.  Everybody has something to say and just has to get it out.

Everything is shorter (5 second snaps, 140 character tweets), Everything is in real time ( Periscope, Facebook Live) and Everything doesn't last very long ( #StopKony2012...)

Which brings us to the big one, Instant Gratification! Nothing says now now or gimme gimme like the 21st Century

For us 20th Century kids, it was do as I say and take what you're given. 

Now, every wants a "self-made". Microwave friendships, success, fame... You've been in the studio everyday, you're not even on mainstream radio. Where's your Grammy? You just posted a picture on Instagram, it's been 2.5 seconds where are the likes?


For the less petty, another reason why we're in such a hurry all the time, is because we feel like we're playing catch up with everybody else.


You look around and it seems like everyone is just making things happen, starting new businesses, getting promotions, mortgages,married. Youtube Video Titles be like :  "How I built my first house with my bare hands with only one eye open", "Hi, I just became Queen of the Universe and now Google want to sponsor me. 

We live in a 'looku looku', "here I am" type of world and you're just here like:

Not because you're not ambitious, intelligent or equipped to make great strides in your respective fields, but sometimes it feels like everyone's breezing pass and no matter how close you get you never seem to quite get it. Isn't that right Coyote?

Don't fall into the comparison trap, you will never measure up the same. - because WE'RE NOT ALL THE SAME. 

Be in a hurry because you're excited for what you have to offer. What's frustrating is that Timing really is everything but it's not always in our hands.

In the meantime ask yourself, that idea, relationship, child, job, fame... whatever you're in a hurry for, if you had it at the time that you wanted it, would you have been happy?  More so, would you have been ready?

Understand while speed may impress you, some people are going nowhere fast. Speed is relative, as also are goals. 

 Pace yourself, even the 'fast' fall.

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