Thursday, 5 January 2017

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A New Year is a given but a New Level requires WORK
It seems like everyone's over the whole 'New Year, New Me' routine that comes with the End Dec/ Early Jan crossover.

Is there anything wrong in wanting to start new?  Not at all. Can't be the only ones who start every new year with new sheets, new toothbrush, new year's eve outfits? Afterall, it's symbolic of a fresh start.The optimism is always highest at the start of the year

In December :

By First week of January:

Then..Mid Jan:
Wait, holl'up, nothing's changed.

 The thing is this year won't feel any different to last year, or the years before, if you keep paying the same lip-service as 2004. What's changed? What will YOU change? 

We all want something new. But new requires work, a transition. change.

One of the reasons why the optimism doesn't follow us through the year, is because we let the plans sit still.

So you want to change, have you considered what's required? Here's what to consider when you want to Level Up:

I WANT a successful business. I HAVE started the business BUT I CAN'T seem to take it to the next level:

Prepare for the next level.

Every little step has great importance, dont despise them or overlook them. Try missing a step on the stairs and you'd know why we say don't overlook their importance.

 Do you even know what the next level is? 

Knowing your destination is great,but have you planned your route? 

What does it look like and what will it take to get there? 

Where do you need to invest in? time, resources? Do your research.

Have you acquired the skillset required for that next level?
What else?

Where do you need to up skill to even handle the next level?

 It's time to Level Up, every year is going the same way, because it's New Year, Same Level.

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