Thursday, 26 January 2017

SO KOKO Life Topics | Living PayCheque to PayCheque

Seriously where does it all go?

January is typically a dry month. Everyone's gone overboard over Christmas, most of us were paid a week or so before, so the usual 4 week struggle turned to 5-6 weeks!

 Everyone's pay plan is different, but if you get paid end of the month, particularly last working day? the struggle is real! Last working day is on Tuesday so it's going to be longggggggggggggg weekend!



24 hours after Pay Day:

First the direct debits and responsibilities but then see money and there's always 'something' that you 'need' or 'needs to be paid for'.- How convenient! Other times, it's on takeaways, holidays, you saw this coat, this hat, these trainers, ooo there's a concert...

Yes you can afford it but the real question you should ask yourself is, can I afford to?

No one likes the feeling of having only 3.88 left on their card or staying in bed because they have o, not because they choose to.

No one says we shouldn't treat ourselves, we work hard, we deserve to. But whats the use in working all these hours and still be 'broke'?

Here are two areas that keep us living paycheque to paycheque.

Budgeting: We over-budget or under-budget. With the former, we make plans for the extra. Forgetting the primary plan is to save. Think what do

Saving: we split our money between two pots for the same cause - spend. When the money's done in our current accounts we just carry on from our savings - that's why there's never anything in there!

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