Thursday, 12 January 2017

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Dog Filters and Flower Crowns mean looks are dead and confidence is down?

Snapchat filters, really? Seems like quite a trivial 'life topic'. Hardly life threatening or life skills, but hey, we can't ignore their place in our social life and moreso how they inform social views.

For this week's LifeTopic, What does your Snapchat filter use say about you?

We asked a sample of people both male and female to help us finish the ends of the sentences below. Honest opinions - No filter and let's just they were...

Comment below your own. Who you agree with? who do you disagree?..REMEMBER, NO FILTER!

Girls that use Filters on Snapchat (often- all the time) are...

In Denial about their looks - Male, 26

Insecure - Female 24 , Male 30

Are what? the filters are there to be used, no? lol - Female,25

.Concerned about their looks - Female, 24

Not just Snapchat tho, IG, Whatsapp, Twitter, even Facebook..dogs everywhere lol - Male 26

Faking Confidence - Male 27

Normal - Female, 22

Bad Mother Fxcking Bxtches - Female, 24 

Possibly weary that they look bun at the time of taking the pic - Male 25, 

Lost - Male, 23

Guys that use Filters on Snapchat  (Ever) are ...

...Bi Curious - Male, 26

Depending on the filter, they're equally concerned about their looks, gay or just having fun - Female, 24

Funny but not comedian funny - Male, 25

...Weird, well depending on which one they use - Female, 22

..okay - Female, 20

Cos of Krept, it's allowed, but no flower shxt - Male,23

Straight banter, more time to mock u girls, anything outside of that is fruity - Male, 27

Dead, well depends on the filter - Female,24

Clowns - Female, 24

Flower Crown Filter ...

Insecure - Male, 26

Cute - Female, 22

Sets my Makeup right, smooth finish -Female, 23

Overused - Female 24

Is dead food, llow it - Male,25 

Makes you look fleeky - Female, 24, East Ldn

Makes you all look light skin - Male,27

Cute on girls - Male, 24, 25,29

Takes you from a 4 to a strong 8 - Female, 20

Can't go wrong with it - Female, 25

The utmost deception - Female, 24

Dog Filter ...

One of the best filters - Female, 24

Getting old - Female, 24

is cute on a buff girl and you funny enough - Male 25

The representative of Nigerian demons - Female, 21

It takes the focus off my nose, least favourite feature - Female, 25

Acceptable once in a while - Female, 24

She think she's a tease - Male, 23

Definitely some mixed opinions, Snapchat Filters Fun or a Front? 

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