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SO KOKO | How To Survive Valentines Day 2017 | Featured Post

Yes Valentines Day is here. Single? Read this .. Taken? Read this.. Don't know the situation? READ THIS!!!

The 14th day in February is silently approaching, and when I say silently I mean as silent as the big elephant in the room everyone likes to pretend they cant see…but like, they can feel it breathing and stuff.

Lets pretend the influx of pictures of roses scattered on hotel bed sheets complimented of course by the impeccably placed row of Selfridges bags; (with the contents displayed obviously) photography set ups on instagram this valentines wont make us gag just a little bit and think of some survival skills of just how to get through the dreaded February the 14th.

Having a bae is nice, but having a bae isn’t life.

Let that marinate, say it out loud a few times and lets count the amount of ‘girl I didn’t see it coming he just proposed out of nowhere’ valentines proposals and resist the urge to photo-shop our own faces into the gleaming mug of thy newly engaged; for research purposes of course.

Some ideas for those without a valentine this year:

1.  Be your own valentine, as sad it sounds; it’s a pretty good idea.
Netflix and Chill with your damn self; get to know yourself; what does yourself like to do in yourselves spare time?

Use the day/night to treat yourself, and do whatever makes you happy.

I wouldn’t necessarily suggest a dinner for one at the shard on this night in particular; but anything else should suffice.

2. Have a ‘single ladies night’ with your girl friends
 I done this a few years back and it was honestly one of my most lit valentines; contrary to popular belief this isn’t for a group of angry bitter single females who spend the night setting fire to old pictures of their ex, but instead a group of girls just looking to have fun; not lesbian fun; just fun, fun
Dress up, put on your highest heels, go to a nice restaurant and end the night with a girly sleepover; no men needed.

3. Go out with a GUY FRIEND; as in GUY FRIEND not past fuck buddy; future fuck buddy; ex or potential. 
No, literally just a guy friend, someone who hasn’t got a valentine but would revel in the opportunity to be in some good-looking company for the night.

I would say use this night to do something light and casual; maybe a cheeky shisha or quick bite to eat? The whole dressing up and fine dining does slightly steer towards being a date.

One last thing, if he has a girlfriend then abort mission; I repeat ABORT MISSION. This is not the day you need to be doing casual outings with someone else’s boyfriend; I don’t care if he’s like a brother to you.

4. Stay off Social Media. 
This year you wanted to be a better person remember? No jealousy, no bitterness; no being a bitch and stuff. If you’re easily affected by happy people, doing happy stuff and living happy lives, this is probably the day you should stay off social media for your own good.

And for my ladies with a valentine this year; here’s some tips on how to make the night real special:

1. Valentines isn’t only about the male spending money, although let society tell it; it really is.
Don’t be afraid to reach into your own pocket on this day; not necessarily to pay for every damn thing; but going halves is cute; and going by the likes of BK Chat slyly unexpected in this day and age.

Lets be clear; you don’t have to go out of pocket financially to show you have a heart either; a cute gift or a well thought out gesture for your partner can get the point across pretty well.

2.Or is your issue the fact you really want to celebrate but your stuck with one of them ‘I don’t believe in valentines day’ kind of males? 
Hats off to you and yours; this day isn’t a real life public holiday and it isn’t a legal requirement to celebrate it and buy into the materialistic shit storm that follows behind the ‘valentines day’ tag.

Sure, it shouldn’t take one day to validate your partners love for you, I’m in total agreement with that.
Just don’t be stuck in a relationship where he doesn’t appreciate you on ANY day and expect valentines to come round and for him to turn into Drake.

Make sure although he isn’t celebrating it with YOU he isn’t celebrating it somewhere with someone else, I think we can all agree that’s pretty important.

Lastly, for my single ladies and those in relationships alike; don’t take this day too seriously; its actually only 24 hours. Don’t kill yourself trying to out do the next female on social media just to show you have someone that actually likes you. It’s painfully obvious.

If your single, have fun with YOURSELF; yeah I mean love is cute and everything; but if you cant proudly love yourself, and enjoy your own time and company then you’ll literally end up with a fuck boy and convince yourself he’s your prince charming for the sake of not being alone.

And like, that was so 2016; we’re over in 2017 now girl.

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