Thursday, 9 February 2017

SO KOKO Life Topics | Omo,Who's Your Daddy

Is he a Chairman or is he an Alhaji?

Or is he just simply a decent guy trying to be with you, love you ...get to know you!

 Sometimes, ladies you do way too much (like really, you're doing alot) But, there are number of reasons why women  'act'/ 'react' in certain ways to certain things...Alot of the times it's a response to some guy's foolishness ( yes guys, sometimes you're not really doing anything or simply doing everything wrong).

Sometimes, you can smell your father's scent on a guy from a mile away and *EURGH*

A girl's dad is supposedly her first real love, but for some, they're more like their first loathe. And it's a lasting one. But theres two types of  A girl with a 'good' dad, might just have been too good, that no one else matches up. A'present' father, may cause such a girl to become very spoilt and highly entitled. One with an absent or emotionally unavailable father could also suffer from misplaced expectations, causing her to blow hot and cold with you.

So, Here are 5 things that say she has "Daddy Issues"

1. She's a Serial Dater
I mean, could she move on anymore, Swiftly? She might not write sings like Taylor on every breakup, but a girl with Daddy issues tends to have a security issue and finds security in relationships. Just like last week's 5 SIGNS HE'S STILL SUCKING AT THE BREASTS, both are looking for caregivers and jump from one to another until they 'find' it ( you never do, not like this anyway) or the caregiver cares...less

2. Easy to Please...Real Easy
A girl with a father she has never met or wishes she never had, tends to have abandonment issues, perhaps lowered expectations, following the notion that no expectations = no disappointments! WRONG WRONG WRONG! Somewhere along the lines the standards drop,she's just happy to get a call back...even if it is 2 weeks later (even though you've been visibly present on social media)

Like the above, abandonment issues will have a girl with daddy issues not only wanting to spending every waking moment wit you but clinging to your every word. That I will call u back in 5 minutes means alot to her, dont you dare call back a minute later.

There's body confidence and then there's look at me, i have breasts.Watch me eat this banana. LOL NO seriously, watch the performers. Look at me Daddy and Look at me Zaddy really don't differ here.  Mind her bad behaviour, especially in the bedroom. Count the spanks, how much S&M is she really into...*sips tea* that's none of our business

5. Hard to Please
Seems like we just straight contradicted ourselves right? Is she easy to please or too hard to please..well both. It's the misplaced expectations we mentioned before. A girl with unresolved daddy issues will have you atoning for her father's sins. Nothing will you do will be good enough, until she deals with the real problem.

It's one thing to have issues with your dad, it can't be rainbows and unicorns for ever. It's the unresolved issues that make a girl have a guy prove he isn't her father. What he really should be proving is that he's a man - Her Man.



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