Thursday, 23 February 2017

SO KOKO Life Topics | Who Got The Keys?

Before you starting singing I GOT THE KEYS, Ask yourself, Do you really?
This week's post is short and sweet, kind of like this month!

So February is on its way out and so to wrap up our Life Topic love series, (seriously we're done talking about relationships and all that mushy stuff), this week's life topic we're asking you who's got the keys?

We like to see ourselves as the decision-makers, the self-made, the G.O.A.Ts, the MVPs but when it comes to checking your emotions, who's got it under lock and key?

Who do we let in? Who do we let out? and when we do, do we get our keys back? Truth be told there are keys all over the place to our hearts, people that pull our heart strings at any given time, and we haven't changed the locks.

Just think about it for a sec.

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