Thursday, 16 February 2017

SO KOKO Life Topics | You Got Me Naked...


You know how it goes, you start kissing, shirts become unbuttoned, jumpers are pulled off,trousers pulled down, underwear flings, across the room. Do we keep socks on or off? That's a big deal. Cold feet?

They say when a guy takes everything off, he really likes a girl. (Or maybe he's just trying to avoid any 'mess' on his clothes). But we'll leave it there, we've painted a good enough picture this side of 9pm.

For the 3rd installment of our Life Topics : Love series, this week's #LifeTopic is about that feeling of being left exposed, vulnerable- naked. Getting your kit off is easy, but getting to a place where you open yourself to another person ,exposing your weaknesses, your inner most fears. That's pretty deep.

The naked truth is, sex is more casual than a conversation these days. You can share my body,well the crucial parts at least, but I can't share my thoughts, my feelings, my fears.

A girl laying stark naked, legs spread out, breasts apart (real ones anyway) is one thing, a guy slipping off his socks...big deal. But when you lay everything out your feelings, your dreams, your secrets to someone and they abuse that place of complete and utter trust, it's like DAMN.

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