Wednesday, 8 February 2017

SO KOKO | Style Corner | Aṣọ Dára

 Aṣọ Dára is this weeks SO KOKO Style Corner

Aṣọ Dára was started by a group of siblings who decided to put their talents and passions together to create a lifestyle brand that reflects the genius, precision, and diverse beauty of Pan-African ideals and culture. Born to Yoruba parents who immigrated from Nigeria to the United States, they grew up in a multicultural whirlpool of the African diaspora in America. 

The family-based lifestyle brand specialises in African inspired accessories such as headbands, chokers, swimwear and head wraps with a modern twist. The vibrant pieces will make a statement with any outfit.

The Aṣọ Dára  Mission
“Aṣọ Dára bears responsibility in continuing to connect the dots to show the unmistakable parallels between the style and grace of their sisters in Atlanta to that of their sisters in Eko. To show the parallel between the hustle of entrepreneurs in Detroit and the meticulous daily grind of people in Johannesburg. In bridging the gap, they contribute to the movement of self-love and self-determination as all strive towards becoming the best version of themselves.”

Check Aṣọ Dára pieces below.

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