Thursday, 23 March 2017

SO KOKO KOVERAGE | The Mainstream with Remel London x AJ Odudu

THIS was a networking Event!
It was practical, it was refreshing, it was honest and it was needed! AJ Odudu was the most gracious guest at  The Mainstream. Presented by Remel London, this was a success.

As you know, this event appeared on our weekly event recommendation list and if you there, you would know it was a great choice! From the venue to the structure, the special guest to the concept itself - all were great choices that served the night well.

TV Presenter, DJ and Fitness Guru AJ Odudu (4MUSIC, ITV2), a notable inspiration to many in the room, drew us into her world so seamlessly ( We LOVVEE HER, guys). And who better to host a night on breaking into the mainstream than Remel London (BBC 1XTRA, SKY1, LINK UP TV), whose work ethic, professionalism and drive often precedes her and inspires others.Both women complimented each other brilliantly, Remel often complementing AJ's advice.

Honest and practical AJ Odudu wasn't just offering 'blue sky' thinking. She was down to earth, in painting a realistic picture of breaking into #TheMainstream as a presenter. Delving into the good, the bad, the ugly ( and the funny!), the exclusive Q&A and networking event was a great snapshot of her perseverance, growth and talent.

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Pics and videos below.

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