Thursday, 30 March 2017

SO KOKO Life Topics | Only Fools and Whoresss

So Fools and Whores huh? ...
Taking a beloved UK programme ( comedy gold) like Only Fools and Horses and manipulating the words to talk about fools and whores, Wow SO KOKO how outlandish!

But more to the point, can we talk about 'fools' and 'whores' for a moment.
 Remember what seemed outlandish, wild ridiculed behaviour for only 'fools' and 'whores'?

 The sexual acts you said you'd never...but now you're the most valued player? Whore. Remember when cheating was wrong but now there's terms and conditions? Or how the cheater was suppose to come back with you tails between your legs, remorseful but now you can sit straight face and not give a monkeys and go viral. Remember when it was only suppose to be 'just that one time baby' now you've stopped counting? Fool. Remember when you said you'll never take a cheater back but now you're cheating too. What's that then? A foolish whore or whore-ish fool?
All the slut-shaming hasn't really gone away. But now that  you've essentially become  the slut, is  there less shame? Suddenly pointing the finger has more pointing back at you.

Whores and fools were the social outlaws, the nobody's in the dark corners, only brought out for cheap play and banter. Now they're most bodies, collecting most bodies still very much banter. It's kind of poetic init lol.

This week's life topic was just a mere reflection: of our accepted norms, our moral high ground that just doesn't seem so high anymore. 

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