Thursday, 16 March 2017

SO KOKO Life Topics | SHUT UP Please

It's for your own good
Maybe we've just been listening to too much Stormzy lately, but take this from us, SHUT UP!
Believe us when we say this week's #Lifetopic is coming from a good place ( it's always from a good place with SO KOKO, but you get what we mean).

It's good to be open. Speak your truth. We have freedom of speech afterall - exercise it, but regulate it. Don't let your tears be used to sweeten the tea.

We're just offering up way too much tea (gist, goss whatever):
And who turns down tea? C'mon, have you watched any British Soap Dramas? I'll put the kettle on..
 Our mouths must shake to everything and we must open YouTube accounts on anything:

You know SO KOKO loves a good bit of monetisation too, so we're not knocking anyone's hustle. While we appreciate freedom of speech, understand when to just...

It's not even always what we say, it's more so about opening our mouths up for everything. You can't allow yourself to become so thirsty, that you drink from every cup, eat from every plate, preach from every pulpit.


Before you get:
( BBD Voice - Yes, who else is obsessed with the NewEditionStory)

We saw a tweet ( please help us find it) and the person said wisely, if you stop telling you're friends everything, then maybe your enemies wouldn't know so much ( something like that).

Don't get us wrong, we're not saying close yourself off, but don't share what you would never want shared. 

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