Friday, 10 March 2017

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Good Question!
Adam said "she shall be called a woman, because she was taken out of a man". Many have also described a woman as "a man with a womb". However, no matter how you choose to describe her, to be a woman in any society, be in a developing world or so called developed world is no mean feat.

Why you may ask? I believe that there are so many odds stacked against a woman; from a girl child to when she gets to her old age. So, I see being a woman as a recognition of some of the weaknesses that we have been ascribed from birth. And even with that, the strength that comes from womanhood-strength of our hearts, mind, body which may diver from culture to culture is awesome!

Yes I see being a woman as being strong in the face of the uphill battle that we face on a daily basis in a less than perfect world. Even though some of us might be afraid, yet we go beyond that fear to define our womanhood, and not allow someone else to define it for us. I personally, enjoy being a woman and I especially enjoy challenging the notion that I can be put in a box! I am sassy and sarcastic but simultaneously sweet; confident most times but painfully shy and awkward at other times. I am intelligent and I like to look good. And I'm currently pursuing life as an activist (through my pen).

Yet, I want to maintain my identity as a child of God, daughter, wife, mother, grandmother, sister and a good friend. But I don't think any of this makes me a special kind of woman or better than any other woman; it is just my womanhood. And though it may need some work, for the most part, but for now and until further notice, I enjoy being the woman that I am and the one that I am becoming!

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