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A card, breakfast in bed, a gift or two, lunch or dinner. 1, 2 or all of the above pretty much sums up Mother's Day for most

Whether you call her mum, mummy, mother, mama, or Julie, it's a day chosen to celebrate mothers, and for those of us who are both fortunate and blessed to still have them in our lives - we choose to show some sort of appreciation for all the hard work that mothers are just known to do. 

And why not? I've already prepared my eyes for the amount of continuous rolling I'm about to perform due to the yearly quotes and captions brewing up on Twitter and Instagram ' blah blah blah you should appreciate your mother everyday'...

well unfortunately as simple humans this is not the case, it's impossible to appreciate someone everyday- we argue, fall out take one another for granted so I for one believe it's beautiful to be singled out in such a way. But is it only me that feels like Mother's Day gets a little bit boring?

Every year I'm faced with question and hair- pulling exercise of what to buy and do.
 I've bought you candles, mug, clothes, perfume, bag, you've been to the spa, I've cooked for you, I've taken you shopping I've done everything x3 and as the years go by it's getting harder and harder for me to show my love and appreciation because I have to do or give you something right? 
Even from as young as 3 at nursery we are happily convinced to cover our palms in red and blue paint handing over a card with a scribble complimented with our teachers neat 'happy mothers day' writing on top. And with the great power of the media every named day/occasion/festivity we are shown that care and love means to give -widely known as part with your money - (which is true to some extent)

But has anyone really sat down to think about why they are appreciating their mother?

 Yes we know mothers are strong, resilient determined. Fantastic. But I'm talking about YOUR mother. Some of you don't even know what your mum's favourite colour is, but you'll be the first person buying her the 'insert label' red bag. 

Who is your mum? Do you really have the understanding that she is a person with a name besides 'mum' with a purpose, who had a different life before you? Do you know the important stories that life has given your mother? Your life in particular?

I'm not talking about the simple funny stories that are easier to share and digest like the times you were naughty at school etc or the things she may bring up when she's 'telling you off'. I'm talking about the deep truths. The sacrifices made on your behalf, the things the family may have gone through, hard times as well as happy, what formed your mum to be the person she has become today? What's her story? As mums we do have this 'go along with it' attitude and it can be hard for us to share experiences most of the time, simply because we brush it off and move onto the next hurdle. But as you've probably heard before, it's not until you've become a parent that you begin to understand the looks, the fears, why this was that and why that was this. 

Let me be quite honest, not everything your mum has done you will want to follow, copy but majority of the time you will find as I have found (especially as females) , you will end up doing the some of same things that you said you wouldn't do purely out of familiarity. 

So find out why, how, get your reasons, find out more about your mum, you can't truly appreciate someone properly without knowing all they've done. I'm not saying don't buy gifts or spend money- please I don't want to be the reason that your mum didn't receive her red bag this year. Just dig a little deeper in addition. I know I will be.

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