Thursday, 20 April 2017

SO KOKO Life Topics | WHAT NOW?

The worse has happened, ok so should everybody now die?
So we've spoken at great lengths about expectations, partly because with every way we look at it in theory , it's an area we all seem to struggle to manage.

But this week's Life topic is called What Now? The unexpected has happened, so what now?

Consistency is the buzzword we as individuals love to throw that word around, it's our go to for criticism and for praise. You just need to be consistent. But how do you handle contingency?

Are you consistent until things don't go your way, then grind to halt?  We need to talk more contingency plans. In the event of.. start facing these things earlier on and those mole hills won't seem so much like mountains.

Here are four key tips to take away and think about :

1. Don't wait for a disaster to happen before you form a contingency plan .

2. Review things regularly.
Review your friendships, your employees, your processes, yourself! What's working, what's not working? Who can you reassign? Who is not the best choice to carry out what you need to be done? It might even be you! Don't you think it's funny how people can complain about how a person THEY've assigned do a job, but then leave them to carry on doing the job, how they do it? If it's not the best choice, why is it your chosen one?

3. Avert Panic and focus efforts.
 Sometimes, yes things don't go to plan, the unexpected happens ( hello, we are talking contingency here) but man, can we all be a bit dramatic! We must show there is trouble o, the struggle is always 'real'. But the time you take to scream the loudest, could be used to regroup. You have got to stop throwing yourself on the floor and throwing ashes on yourself Every time something doesn't happen. Dust yourself off and refocus.

4. Lastly maintain you 'in the event of' , I'd hate to say "back up" but you need to maintain that plan. Whether the backup equipment you have to run a system, the friend you have that can help you in the event of, Even your relationship with God ( if you have one). It's like SO KOKO covering an event( Subscribe to our YouTube for KOVERAGE - yes plug, yes major plug, Yes we're serious, yes have you subscribed yet?). So we pick our cameras bring a spare and head out. Now if my spare isn't charged, if I don't charge it before leaving how useful is having a spare in that moment when the camera battery dies.
It defeats the purpose of having one right?

Just a thought.

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