Thursday, 27 April 2017

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You need to go back and find them

Ok, let's talk. It might be a Uk thing or maybe a London thing, but we're not as courteous as we used to be or as we're considered to be.

They say Courtesy demands, but it seems to take anything.

Let's add a little context. It's rare for people to say excuse me, talk of excuse me,please. How often is it something mumbled as they barge past you.

Remember it's a question, it's a request if you will, but not a demand.

And if and when I do move for you, that your quick mouth should say thank you.

You might think of all the life topics SO KOKO, really? Manners?

But, Yes manners! Why do I have to beg you to have manners? Why do I have to post this to show that in actual fact you are mannerless?

And yes, this is the end of the post. Go and think on that, please and thank you!

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