Monday, 10 April 2017

SO KOKO | Song Of The Week | Ezi Emela - Blem (Cover)

You know the deal, how 'bout we just keep it real

We're going to take a note from this week's Song of the Week and say how we feel, this is/will be a very good year for Ms Ezi Emela.

We know a lot of Africans (Nigerians) are still feeling salty with Drake right now... BUT you're going to love this cover of Drake's Blem.

It's a risky move, taking a popular song and making it your own, only a few can really pull it off, liike Yxng Bane with Ed Sheeran - Shape of You  and of now of course, Igbo beauty Ezi Emela. We love that Ezi is taking risks because it's really paying off. We've said previously and anyone who follows Ezi Emela on Instagram will know, just how much Ezi Emela just oozes confidence and we think that confidence is feeding right into her sound.  She's truly holding her own

Emela go win it Emela go kill it . With her EP expected this year , she's sold us already:

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