Monday, 3 April 2017

SO KOKO | Song Of The Week | Moelogo - Sometimes I Pray ft Tiggs Da Author

 This one's from the heart
We all listen to music for various reasons - Whether it's to dance, sing, capture your mood, change it or set a mood. Music, with all its hats, is an outlet. For everyone just waiting to exhale, waiting for someone to just get it, Moelogo gives the perfect release with this week's SO KOKO Song Of The week.

Sometimes I Pray is one of two releases preceding Moelogo's third EP, Shine Your Light.  Moelogo goes below the surface level of foreign cars, the noise almost, of current music trends ( not that we don't enjoy them from time to time),to dig deep and provide this rare and beautiful diamond.

When a deep song makes you feel light, that's POWERFUL . The Afro fusion sound that accompanies the beautiful lyrics is almost therapeutic. We honestly can't fault it. Tiggs Da Author offers a cool refreshing component to the track. The track is beautifully crafted to both captivate the current state of mind and yet motivates you to elevate to a positive way of thinking.

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