Monday, 24 April 2017

SO KOKO | Song of The Week | NSG ft Ekeno - Palava

Every other day na Palava - NSG and Ekeno did the damn thing on this one!
We can't lie it took two plays for us to grasp how lit this song is! But when you do, be prepared to sing this all day!!

NSG are no strangers to us here at SO KOKO ( but it wouldn't hurt to invite us to a video shoot guys  or something - especially with how slick the visuals for this song is!). NSG had our song of the Week for Referee by public vote ( note all options were of course NSG) and were also named in our 6 Eps that made us proud for #GrownUp (although it was technically an LP)

Now Palava is a special one. First play it was like whoaaa. It's one of those songs that you have to be a mood for in my opinion. But the lyrics will put you in the mood! So when it came to the second play, plus the visuals directed by Kevin Hudson and NSG themselves, it was a straight wow!

Humming the tune as I type, this song is so real and so raw that if you're still unsure, watch the video. and see it all tie together. I mean, when have SO KOKO ever got it wrong?

NSG flaunt their versatility once again in exceptional manner and Ekeno's just widens the appeal.

This song is the truth, it may not be your truth, but it's no word of a lie when we say NSG and Ekeno did a number on this one!

Listen here :

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