Thursday, 18 May 2017

SO KOKO | Life Topics | The Twiddling Twenties

You have to make it ALL happen in your twenties!
If you're anxiously waiting to hit your twenties or  regretfully looking back at them, this week's life topic is just for you. Or maybe you're in your early, mid or late twenties and it kind of feels like WTF?!

Fudge, yep we meant fudge, is the only way to kind of describe what seems like mess after mess.

As a child, there's the excuse of parents, you're someone else responsibility even if they're irresponsible. Early adolescent to late teens you think you have all the control, but even with some of the freedom, when you're out of control, you're cushioned by those ones who really have the control.
Now there's always exceptions to the rules , but the unwritten rule is .

A lot happens in your twenties or is expected.
After of education , you're expected to move out, get a job,  get married. Ladies do all that and have all your kids by 30.
We were all duped. It's not as easy as it looked when we were younger.   things don't just happen at the click of a finger and it's ok to still be finding your feet and be pushed off balance now and again. Because our expectations and our reality will have you twiddling your thumbs.

You make your mind up and you change it. You are older but you're still young! Those mistakes can be lessons and those setbacks are actually blessings.

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