Friday, 30 June 2017

SO KOKO Kollections | 10 African Musicians We'd Like To See BioPics On

With All Eyez on Me out Today, SO KOKO look closer to home on who we'd like to see a film or series on.
With the likes of Nollywood, Ghollywood and others, Africa could single-handedly make a biopic on our very own music stars. But would you want to see? Comment below who you'd want to see a film on, maybe a three- part series like the BET New Edition Story ?

All we know is, we've heard the music, now we want the full gist..

Here's who'd be our first picks:

King Sunny Ade

Like, Hello? Legend! We want to see it all - life on the road, the music, the women, the kids...
Definitely a film, Can we call it, All Hail the King?

Don Jazzy

KingDonCome would have been perf..nvm , but if there is one Biopic we desperately need or want, it's Don Jazzy's. It needs to definitely be a series too! How he started, show us Mo Hits, How did he meet Dbanj? Their relationship? Has he been in love? Show us Mavins, the day to day of being Don Jazzy could end with a #DonLinda (Ikeji) Wedding, perhaps? 

D Banj

Where do we start? You can't seriously contest this? What do you wants us to say, we've watched his career but now we want playback! Oh and can he bring all his new pals like Blac Chyna, AmberRose etc...We're calling this one I AM DBANJ

Mo Hits

OK. We seem a little obsessed now, but can you just see it? Think New Edition Story. You know, Ca you stand the rain? Why couldn't Mo Hits stand the rain? Show us who shined, who dulled? The Bobby? The Ralph? Together, Apart - But above all, we want to the hits, everyone's story, but defo  Mo hits! 

Styl Plus

For the Olufunmi video alone, we need something. They put every Olufunmi on hands down!
Not only that, they offered the best subtitles ever, and above all, everyone Yoruba and Non-Yoruba alike can speak yoruba fluently for all their hooks - Imagine That! That's what we will call it. They did all of this for us then BAAM - where are they now? Imagine That


We just want to know more about this duo from Ghana!

Fally Ipupa

Do we need to say much else? We bet some of you didn't know what Fally looks like. See why we need one! Life story, dancing, all that Congolese Flavour


You didn't think we forgot? Movie or series ? because we want to get into the nitty gritty! STARBOY  or Don't Dull, just some working titles we have right now. We want to see the rise, him as a father, EME with Banky W and so much more. What does Wizkid have for breakfast ?


It felt like he came out of nowhere, with all the ingredients of success and its just been bam bam bam ever since. The music, the personality there's so much to this Tekno that it wouldn't be premature to have a biopic done in the next 3-5 years. There's something in that his work ethic that can't be untold


This may or not surprise you (no shade) but we need answers! Show us London to Lagos, going to Nigeria doesn't guarantee stardom,we want to see the struggle. Show us the studio nights, was he embraced or looked down on? Show us why Burna Boy had to go and give us the jamsss that have set him apart!

There are still so many more.You could literally visualize Davido's...30 billion! 

We've brought the idea, someone else can worry about getting their likeness...

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  1. evrybdy nt burnaboy wher davido..2baba