Thursday, 22 June 2017

SO KOKO | Life Topics | 5 Reasons Why Projects Fail

But it started off so well...
 Projects. We're hearing the term alot more now, various 'project managers' and 'project coordinators, there's an understanding, basic or advanced, on not what is delivered but how!

Planning is great but you can plan and still fail and that's the most devasting part. I wrote things down, I have hundreds of spreadshets, post stick notes and gantt charts... like, HELLO!

There are many components to a project that could determine its success or failure. Here are five reasons that a project will fail

1. Communication
 Working on a project and working with other people - suppliers, admin, partners whoever communication is important! A lot of times people commentate rather than actually communicate issues, updates etc. Communication can offer clarity whether written or verbal. Have daily stand ups on what you're working on , any blockers and where support is needed. You can undo a stitch instead of ruin a garment.

2. Room for change

This is a tricky one as you need to strike the balance between 2 and 3. Projects are live, so your project plan should be updated as you go along. What happens is that you write out what you want to do, opportunities come that differ from this and then when you refer back to your plan it's like it's in Hebrew, you don't understand where you are.  Leave room to make updates, there will be changes accept but note it and communicate it. See why number one is number one, now?

3. Scope Creep
It's not everything you should do and it's not everything you should do now. You need to have clear boundaries on  what you are delivering in each increment or stage of your project. It's okay for something to be out of scope. Defer it to a better suited time where you could allocate  the appropriate time and resources

4. Resources
Things don't just happen by themselves. Projects fail because we don't apportion the right resources. Consider the number of resources allocated to this project and the quality of those resources. Spread the workload, find the most efficient and effective way.

5.  Because it needed to
Lastly sometimes projects fail because they needed to. They needed to in order for something new to be built, may for something new to be built and developed in you - character, training etc . Experience is a good teacher and it's not always the 'good' experiences that offer lessons.

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