Thursday, 15 June 2017

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Pluck Pluck Pluck...Still No Luck
It's summer ladies so you know we're all like :

Legs, a little north of legs, arms, armpits right ?

But for some women, the light hits and what's that above your lip?  What's on your chin girl??

Now don't panic - it doesn't happen to all of us. But gone are the days of thinking unsightly hairs are for the menopausal, the cross-dressers. More women are in their 20s are experiencing excessive hair growth...

Hirsutism is the excessive hair growth on men and women. Facial, armpits, belly, chest etc. 

While some women are more accepting of letting the growth happen. There are options to eventually reduce the hair growth. First step is acceptance. Whichever way you chose to handle it, doesn't stop you being from her, from being she, from being a WOMAN!

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