Thursday, 1 June 2017

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This is why we keep taking the L

Love and Lust are often so poorly defined that its no wonder that the lines have blurred.

Are love and lust not one and the same? Can lust lead to love ? Can love lead to lust? Surely if you love facial hair on men you're more than likely to lust after a bearded guy? Continuing on with the typical line of argument, if a guy loves big bums would he not just after a female with a large derrière (irrespective of her facial appearance, well at least to some degree)
But isn't this all just preferences?

Does lust lead to love or lead you away from it?

What's most likely to lead you to cheating,love or lust? Excluding this last season of Braxton Family Values?

So many blogs cover this topic but do we have an answer. Even Christian's find it a tricky area in practice. What do you think?

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