Thursday, 29 June 2017

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So what, No 'Wife', No 'Life' ?
'Cuffing' season is officially is over (allegedly), Summer is here (but not here) and of course, it's wedding season! And with Kenya long-ridiculed-for-not-being-a-Wife Moore, now 'finally' getting married...

We'd thought we'd talk about this GLORIOUS time before I do! Culturally, largely African, is the mentality that if you're Missing a Mrs by your name or by your side (as a partner) then life is not complete.  Something is seriously wrong with you.

Let's get this straight, You come out of uni (debts and all)  and you're suppose to head straight down the aisle? Because Weddings are cheap right...

Parents spend all this time making you focus on 'getting a good education so you can achieve good grades to get a good job' only for that to mean nothing because you haven't 'settled down'

It's like come on, ask me about my job, ask me about my wellbeing, how I want to make my first mill, buy my first home, start a business and build my portfolio NOT how come you haven't brought anybody home! It's not good for man to be alone..but C'mon 

But guys, peers lol, if you're a little concerned or aware that, wait a minute, this is the norm for us now. More of my friends are getting married, I'm happy for them But..

 Damn, I'm missing a MRS, everyone's time is different. (Sounds like such a 'single' thing to say right lol..but i'm not even...nvm)  
Obama finished at 55, Trump started 70. It will happen when it's right.

Until then, here's where you're not, you know,  helping yourselves!

IMPORTANT NOTE : Men too! You get to a certain age missing a MRS and it's seen as irresponsible,  questions around your sexuality or if you can get it up.. you know we know you know what we mean...

1. You're afraid of 'Catching Feelings'
stop playing yourself, this big boy, bad girl walls will need to come down. If the feelings have been caught, why run if you're gonna keep looking back. You might as well stop and wee what happens

2. You need to learn to compromise, every little thing, you're like.. 
You want to spend your life with someone, yes the two shall become one, but that 'one' is not you. It's not all about you! Don't compromise your dignity, your faith or wellbeing but learn to see another's point of view. Oh and for goodness sake, just because they're not what you want on 'paper', don't mean you haven't struck GOLD

3. Stop Chasing Ass

We all love bums, but is that really a criteria? And don't say it's because you'd cheat with someone who has one. Grow up, it's not a dealbreaker. Girls too, the ass may get him to the water, but it won't force him to drink (ok, it probably would) but he'll drink, he may drink some more but eventually he's thirsty ass will want something else!

4. You're smelling..

..real desperate! Be cool. You're getting married for the marriage not for the wedding and the hashtag, take time. Desperate for bellanaija IG Post, for attention, for sex, we'd just have to draw the squiggly lines around you. *Stinkface*

5. You're too Anti

You aint gotta be on the roads,but get out your room. There's no 'place' to find the one, but unless you're carving them out of a wall in your house. You need to be visible, even on the dms, be open but not buck wide open.  

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