Monday, 26 June 2017

SO KOKO | Song of the Week | Phyno - If to Say

If to Say Phyno is THE PLAYMAKER...

Yes, the Playmaker, the Hitmaker, when it comes to Phyno, you can even call him the Pied Piper, because you can't help but follow his tune.

Leading us to Uganda for the visuals, directed by Unlimited LA, the Igbo Rapper's latest love story was brought to life this week - Eh heh, add (Phyno) the Story-teller too. 

The audio, released 3 weeks ago, was a guaranteed Song of the Week.  However, with Phyno not being on Soundcloud, all third party uploads of his music kept disappearing (tampering with our Playlists. But, now Phyno is on soundcloud, there's no more delay in sharing one of our favourite tracks right now.

Like Pino Pino, If to Say is one for the I Do's! Phyno is a SO KOKO FAV, with every release is another display of his creativity and versatility. From Alobam to Fada Fada and more, here's more proof of his expected longevity.

That's June wrapped up, Listen here :

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