Thursday, 27 July 2017

SO KOKO | Life Topics | Burst the Bubble

 Stop floating through life
 Last week's LifeTopic was pretty heavy (heavy as in deep, not the dated slang term) .

So, this week we decided to go with something slightly lighter.

Bubble light. And bubble light doesn't always mean having a 'bubble gum' (soft, sweet) life. You may live in a bubble and not have a bubble gum life. It's not the hardships that will burst the bubble (necessarily), it's You.

So what on earth are we getting at?  Right, a lot of us live in a bubble, a bubble of comfort, a bubble we've been placed in, maybe, by our parents, our culture, our environments. That bubble of 'this is how we've always done things',

It's time to burst it. Sometimes we use 'planning' and 'needing to prepare' to cushion ourselves from actually doing something! Prepare and Plan are verbs guys - requires action. No one is saying be 'irresponsible' and it's a very British thing to think to just 'up and go' could be.

The thing about a bubble is that, it has no bearing on where it ends up. Wherever then wind blows, it goes and that's how a lot of us just float through life. That bubble will burst eventually. The question is, do you want to stand on your own now or stay and hope that bubble takes you somewhere you want to be.

We love to travel, where is it? Miami? Ibiza? Croatia?  It doesn't cost us too much for a good time. But when it comes to travel to the environments that can aid the development of our dreams, we fall shy to whatever Google can offer.

No the world isn't small. It's a very big place, widen your horizons go where you need to go, be where you need to be. Stop experiencing life from your mobile data, LIVE. Don't float.

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