Thursday, 20 July 2017

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A 'Share' , A 'Like' that all the care we put on life?
One of the funniest things about us as people, is that we believe we care but we really don't.  The joke is on us. Technology has extended our reach but we still don't feel anything. Well, maybe for a second we feel something but nothing you can hold on to. Nothing you could really vouch for.

'Share this story or you will have bad luck' , 'This person has [insert terrible life threatening illness/injury] don't scroll without saying 'Amen'  AMEN TO WHAT? Amen translates to 'so shall it be', so again, I ask so shall what be exactly?

In the U.K. particularly, we are cynical and critical of all these charity aid  adverts particularly around Christmas on how they portray our reality back 'home' in Africa. We care so much on why they show kids with flies and how they can point the camera at a kid knowingly drinking what's not 'clean' water in order to portray their message but what care are we offering the people in our so-called 'home'? The delivery of their message may be off, but was ours even sent ? What do 'our people' receive from US?!

Praying for , Pray for , these posts alert the unaware there's a problem. They may cause an issue to trend, but you wrote the words and forgot to actually do it. You care that they died for the care of the trend. Because when that news stop trending, the timeline stops talking, 'our thoughts are with', what we really care to share -ourselves.

You went on the march, you placed the hashtags, you pointed the right finger at the 'bad guys', highlighted the 'wrong' guys but you forgot to look at the three fingers pointing back at you! Pointing back at US!

 You share the pic but do you share in the pain. We are probably the closest we've been in a very long time with the advancement of technology and the frequency of these advancements. More and more apps and features and products are offering us more and more capability to connect, to extend one's reach.  But our hands only stay open for the phones we place in them.

If you didn't already realise, you just read a LIFE topic

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