Thursday, 6 July 2017

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 Reality is, it's one of the quickest ways to securing that cheque
Now we're not saying it's that easy, become a vlogger, go on a reality show and bam, instant fame. Although, thinking about it, it kind of seems that way, doesn't it?

With the rising popularity of shows like #Loveisland, and the potential demise of #BigBrother, the overdue demise of #XFactor, you're getting everyday individuals going on a show, excluding Xfactor creating drama or being themselves and they come out with endorsement deals, presenting roles, acting opportunities, paid appearances.

It seemed like talent had to get you through the door and you just had to make sure you had personality once you came out. Now, it seems like personality will get you through the door and talent may or may not be required to trail behind.

Think of how many music artists, actors etc , relatively known or may not known at all. Maybe their careers at a halt. They jump on reality tv #RHOA #RHOBH #LHHATL, reinvent themselves, release new music or films, go on tours and there's a great appreciation for their original talent. Take American group Xscape, yes they have had loyal waiting fans but if Kandi Burruss and Tameka Tiny Harris didnt become television personalities Tiny and Toya, RHOA, TI and Tiny , GUHHATL , we would be as excited about their reunion? Would it be as newsworthy?

Face it, reality TV pays. Every other day there's a success story about this youtuber quitting their job, because they're now on 5 figures from their channel. For advertisers and brands this new surge of 'celebrities' and 'public figures' makes better use of target marketing. A billboard, a TV ad, a radio ad are all well and and good. Your product could be right in front of us but we may not necessarily engage with it. But if a personality we like engages with it, promotes it, reviews it. By their engagement we engage with you - genius!

The reality is this seems to be the quickest way to a cheque, but it's not a risk that always pays off.

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