Thursday, 13 July 2017

SO KOKO | Life Topics | When the Sauce Dries Up

Every wave comes down...
We live in a time, where everyone has a wave, everyone has dropped in sauce, lost in sauce or is the sauce? This week's life topic is about what happens when the sauce dries up and the waves die down?

And if the voice in your head is telling you, 'my wave will never die', Congrats but here'ssomething to consider:

Everyone loves and we mean LOVES to quote, Jay Z's punchline I'm a business man not a businessman. But are you? Are you looking at yourself as a business, because if you did you will make it your business to recognise that there's a lifecycle.

What happens when a new flavour comes in? Let's put it this way. You can keep buying the corn or you can invest the field.

Artists can make the best managers, A&Rs. You can have to drum up £2k Everytime you want a video or get a cheaper more creative option and use that money into renting a studio out, buy equipment for rentals. There's more to a show than the centre stage.

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