Saturday, 15 July 2017

SO KOKO REVIEWS | 57 Lounge | African Restaurant

There's a new African Restaurant/Lounge in East London and SO KOKO are here to give you an exclusive review.

57 is a brand new lounge that is bringing a taste of African cuisine and lifestyle to the heart of Docklands.

What is 57? 
57 is a Restaurant, Shisha lounge and Chill out spot all in one. Open Tuesday – Sunday: 5pm–12pm.

57 is the ideal spot to grab a bite or just chill before a night out. With Afrobeat clubs around the corner, the restaurants location is great.

57 offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. SO KOKO describe 57 as 'A Western restaurant with an African twist' with dishes such as continental breakfasts with African sides such as plantain.
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The restaurant is for lovers of all things African with both Nigerian and Ghanaian chefs. Seafood is also available on the menu.

If you're looking for strong cocktails 57 is definitely the spot. The Charlie Chapman will give you a strong kick whilst the Zobo Mojito leaves a more refreshing taste.

SO KOKO's Favourite 57 Cocktails : Banana Island and Keke Napep

No need to worry about your phone dying before heading to your next destination. 57 has sockets all around the lounge, specifically for customers to enjoy, snap and socialise with no hassle.

How about price?
It won't cost you too much to enjoy an evening at 57. With starters from as little as £2.50 and mains from £10 you won't be breaking the bank.

If you're someone that likes to book in advance 57 take reservations. Make reservations here.

SO KOKO loved the food and atmosphere at 57 and will definitely be back for more.

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